If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether you were the driver or operator, or the passenger, you are required to file the no-fault claim within 30 days. The “Application for Motor Vehicle No-Fault Benefits” form, commonly referred to as the “NF-2″ form, should be filed out by your attorney’s office and is almost always submitted to the insurance company of the vehicle that you were driving or a passenger in.  If you were a pedestrian struck by a car, you file the form with the insurance company of the vehicle that hit you.  If you were a bicyclist struck by a vehicle, you similarly file the form with the insurance company of the car that stuck you.

Filing the NF2 form is absolutely essential.  Filing this form will ensure that all of your medical bills are fully paid for, and that all of your lost wages—lost salary from missing work—are provided to you.  Essentially, this form allows you to receive payments for any accident-related medical bills or lost wages.

After a cursory review, the application may seem relatively simple to fill out. Nevertheless, it is essential to consult with a car accident attorney as soon as practical.  An experienced and competent attorney will help protect your legal rights, ensure that your medical bills and lost wages are disbursed timely, and build your injury case the right way. An early investigation will also help preserve key evidence that may help your case.

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